Cammie (morgan37) wrote in the_sting_fic,

Every hard working grifter deserves to relax

Even grifters celebrate with a bang...

Note: Not my best effort, but hey, it is 43 degrees and I am dying of heat exhaustion :P


Henry watched silently as Johnny transfered wads of green notes from their neatly stacked piles on the bed and into an old valise. “Not too bad for a fortnight’s work.” 


Johnny turned around and smiled.  He scrawled some figures into a small black notebook.  “Considering we didn’t actually take our cut of the Lonnegan sting, this has to be our biggest return yet.” 


Henry placed a cigarette between his lips and searched in his trouser pockets for his matches.  “How about we head to Coq d’Or tonight? My shout.”


Johnny went to the bedside table and threw down his notebook.  He shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it carelessly across the chair.  He walked up close to Henry, slid the cigarette from his mouth and hooked his fingers around the waist band of Henry’s trousers.  “Well we could do that…or...”


Afterwards, as they lay back spent, but satisfied, Henry reached over to the bedside table for his cigarettes.  He opened the top drawer and felt around for the complimentary hotel matches.  As he sat up in bed smoking lazily, he picked up a stray bill and examined it.  “Ain’t nothing more rewarding than being a grifter.”


Johnny stretched out, his naked body feeling relaxed and easy.  He stared at the ceiling, hands behind his head, and grinned. “The money is a bonus as well.”


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