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Henry/Johnny Drawings

Hey everybody out there :) It's been a lil quiet around here recently so I thought I might have a go at posting something or other. I drew these two lil things recently (although I hate drawing damn hats! >:D) and I was pretty happy with them so.........well, here you go :D Hope you like :)

                <----------------------------- Yikes, I can't draw clothes >:D        ...but I'm writing a story round it at the moment so *maybe* I'll be posting again soon ??? :) 

   <---------------------------------------------- Click for a bigger view cos they didn't come out all that big on the post...... Same with the other one too ^-^

Well...I hope you liked them. :) 
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oh adorable!

The clothes in the second one look really good! I think my favorite is Johnny in the second one.

And I'm curious about that story you mention.

Thanks for sharing!
Why thankyou very much :D
I was most happy with how Johnny turned out in the second one. :)
...I'll have a go at finishing the story (almost done *I think*) cos I'm completely head over heels in love with this pairing at the moment ^-^
No problem

Very cute!! Can't wait to read your story :)
Thanks so much :)
I'll get to finishing and posting it as soon as I can ^-^